BIT BRIDGING – 32 bit VST plugins in a 64 bit DAW

Modern computers and DAWs (digital audio workstations) work in 64-bit. Some DAWs give you the option to run them in 32-bit which definitely is possible also on a 64-bit computer. Other DAWs – like for instance the new versions of Steinberg’s Cubase – are 64-bit only. If you want to use 32-bit VST plugins in a 64-bit DAW you need some form of bit bridging.

If your DAW can operate in 64-bit I suggest you make use of that. It enables you to use more of your computers available RAM and your DAW will be able to process data faster. However, quite a few free VST plugins are 32-bit only. You can of course choose not to use those and simply only use 64-bit VST plugins. But that would be a shame since there are so many incredible free VST plugins out there that are 32-bit only.

Don’t be discouraged: Fortunately you do not have to miss out on the many good free 32-bit only VST plugins. Bit bridging will enable you to run all those nice and high quality VSTs in your 64-bit DAW.

For Windows there are several options. I use ”jBridge” – a very affordable bit bridging plugin – and it works without any problems on my 64-bit PC with Cubase installed. For Mac there are also good bit bridging solutions and “32 Lives” from SoundRadix has a good reputation.

Check out some of the free VST plugins on this site. Many of them are 64-bit but some of them – and also some of the really good ones – are 32-bit only. A bit bridge will allow you to make use of all these good freebies and since they are free a bit bridge is a very good investment!

Link to free VST plugins: http://www.klangheim.com/free-vst