Podcasts – get that pro sound

You have recorded your podcast or other voice recording. We can clean it up for you (reduce noice), balance the sound, and lift it up to a professional volume.


Podcast up to 20 minutes (noice reduction, equalizing and sound balancing + volume lift): 100 US dollars

Podcast up to 40 minutes (noice reduction, equalizing and sound balancing + volume lift): 150 US dollars

Podcast up to 60 minutes (noice reduction, equalizing and sound balancing + volume lift): 180 US dollars

Mixing of songs

You have your tracks recorded but you feel a bit insecure about what to do with them. Well, that’s where KLANGHEIM STUDIO can help!

Mixing is what we do! Send your tracks to us and we will create a professional mix for you!



Mixing (up to 32 tracks): 300 US dollars per song.

Extra tracks (above 32 tracks): 15 US dollars per 4 tracks.

Tuning of vocal tracks: 75 US dollars pr. track.

Editing: depends on the track – but normally 50 US dollars per track.

Revisions: free within reason.


KLANGHEIM STUDIO is located in the central part of Jutland, Denmark and is a modern computer based mixing facility.

KLANGHEIM STUDIO originally specialized in recording and mixing classical music and producing sound effects and backing tracks for stage productions / theatres. This is still a part of the services that KLANGHEIM STUDIO offers.

Another area of specialization has been recording, editing and mastering of sound files / CD’s for meditation, relaxation, and other voice recordings including podcasts.

KLANGHEIM STUDIO of course also works with recording and / or mixing of popular music (pop, rock, folk, jazz, techno etc.) and has a mobile setup for live recordings.

All mixing is done by Martin Guldberg. Martin is a classically trained musician with more than 30 years of experience in the music business.

KLANGHEIM STUDIO is a devision of Tiny Tracks Sound Production.

Feel free to contact us for further info via Martin Guldberg, email: mail@klangheim.com, or by calling him on +45 2712 2736